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Friday, September 03, 2004

Russian hostage update

There are more details this morning. CNN:

Many fatalities have been reported. Around 100 people have been seen dead in the school gym by journalists. There also was a report that 23 bodies, including 17 children, were outside a hospital morgue and 10 more bodies were inside. One news report said the death toll could exceed 150.
We also know a little bit more about what started this meltdown:
However, the forces stormed the building around midday after Russian officials, under a cease-fire agreement with militants, tried to collect bodies lying outside the building. There was an explosion, hostages fled, and hostage-takers opened fire on the children and rescue workers. One of the workers was killed and another was wounded. Russian troops then opened fire at the rebels, and the battle began.
This is important too:
Valery Andreyev, head of the local branch of the FSB intelligence service, said 20 hostage-takers had been killed, 10 of them from Arab countries, after Russian troops stormed the school earlier Friday.
There appear to be a few more terrorists still holed up in parts of the school, some of them still have hostages.


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