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Monday, September 13, 2004

This is what Bush DIDN'T do

Christian Science Monitor:

In the aftermath of a wave of terror attacks, President Vladimir Putin yesterday announced fundamental political changes that will further concentrate power in the Kremlin and erode Russia's fragile democracy. Critics say the measures - couched as a strengthening of central government to combat terrorism - will do little to enhance public security, are aimed at broadening the Kremlin's grip on Russia's far-flung regions, and may ultimately weaken Mr. Putin's rule. "Now it's absolutely clear, Putin wants to use this opportunity to destroy the last vestiges of Yeltsin-era democracy," says Alexander Golts, a national security expert with the weekly Yezhenedelny Zhurnal. "Instead of attacking terrorists, he's attacking our electoral system."
Our Constitution is secure, our basic rights still fully protected, and despite what you may hear from left-wing moonbats, we will vote on Nov. 2 and should George Bush lose, he will peacefully step down from office. We should realize how exceptional that is in the world.


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