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Monday, March 14, 2005

Adapting Media to the Brave new world


'The old notion of American journalism, that tough-as-nails, independent, nonpartisan, 'if-your-mother-says- she-loves-you-check-it-out' kind of journalism, is a smaller and smaller part of the mix,' Tom Rosenstiel, the report's author, said in a Friday telephone interview. Instead, the 'journalism of assertion' is on the rise. Bloggers are not alone in that trend. Fox News, Air America, and Rush Limbaugh are in the business of asserting, not validating. Journalists need to shift roles, from gatekeepers to authenticators. 'We have to start monitoring the blogs, the corporate and government websites and talk radio, and do stories that say, 'You might have heard ...'' Rosenstiel said. 'The story is not 'What did the president say about Social Security,' but, 'What's the definitive answer?'' In the blogosphere, making unverified assertions is good enough. That makes old-style journalism ever more relevant.
I very interesting and I think wise article. Read the whole thing.


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