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Thursday, April 07, 2005

India-Pakistan Bus Service Begins

ABC News:

Passengers on historic bus trips between the Pakistani and Indian portions of Kashmir crossed a bridge spanning the de facto border Thursday voyages both sides hope will lead to lasting peace on the subcontinent. Family members kept apart during more than a half-century of bloodshed waited anxiously to receive their loved ones, while Indian officials offered the visitors from the Pakistani Kashmiri capital of Muzaffarabad marigold garlands and bouquets of flowers. One passenger waved a victory sign.
Kashmir is a troubled spot that is often overlooked in the news. It's problems are as serious as, and similar to, Palestine and Northern Ireland. Add in that both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers and it is a potential cataclysm. These signs of warming relations and real dialogue are therefore very welcome indeed.


Blogger tsykoduk said...

Consitering that there was a grenade attack on one of the buses and a sucide attack on one of the safe houses that the passengers were staying in, this is quite an accomplishment.

4/07/2005 09:54:00 AM  

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