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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Martyr in Lebanon

New York Times:

An outspoken journalist known for his writings against Syria's presence in Lebanon was killed in a car bombing in Beirut today, raising tensions in Lebanon just four days after elections for a new Parliament began. Samir Kassir led a call for the resignation of Lebanon's pro-Syrian security chiefs. The bomb was placed in a vehicle outside the home of the journalist, Samir Kassir, in the predominantly Christian district of Ashrafiya. Mr. Kassir's body lay slumped on one side after the blast as fire crews arrived on the scene, witnesses said. The blast shattered windows in the nearby area. Mr. Kassir, a columnist at the Lebanese daily An Nahar, was known for his opposition to Syria's role in Lebanon. He blamed Syria for the assassination on Feb. 14 of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and railed about that country's need to pull out of Lebanon. He also led a call for the resignation of Lebanon's pro-Syrian security chiefs.
RIP Samir Kassir. You will be remembered.


Blogger Greg said...

Kol ha'kavod(Hebrew for job well done) on your attention to the events going on in Lebanon. In my opinion, Mr. Kassir can be compared to the likes of Andrei Sakharov, another martyr for the cause of free speech and democracy. Not only people like you and me but ultimately, the entire world will miss Mr. Kassir. You were the first to inform me of these sad, sad news. I consider this martyr-as you accurately call him-just as brave and valliant(for lack of more synonims:) as any freedom fighter no matter their race or ethnicity.

Thank you for letting people know about things that would otherwise perhaps go unnoticed.


6/03/2005 12:21:00 PM  

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