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Monday, May 24, 2004

Asia's growing energy demand

This article talks about the increasing thrist the growing economies of Asia have for energy, oil in particular.

In the two decades to 2020 Asia will more than double its electricity use and nearly double emissions of carbon dioxide, according to the Institute of Energy Economics in Japan. The number of vehicles on China's roads will increase sixfold to 120m. Asian oil consumption will rise to 35m barrels a day; the 16m b/d increase in 20 years is three times the current level of consumption in Japan.
I don’t know what the future source of energy is going to be, but safe, cheap, plentiful energy is a goal we need to be continually striving for. To a large extent, human success has been based upon greater and greater ways of harnessing and transferring energy. From the use of a stick to amplify the strength of human arms, to fire, to the domestication of animals, to steam power and the harnessing of the atom each increase dramatically improves our ability to cope with our environment and improve our quality of life. Each step forward expands the range of the possible, for good and evil, but in my view expanding the range of the possible is a good in and of itself.


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