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Sunday, May 23, 2004

An Iraqi's view of Arab Leadership

Sam of Hammorabi Blog talks about his perception of the Arab Leadership. Excerpt:

Above all we feel sick of the same faces always. Same presidents, Kings, Oil Sheikhs, and name it and get it! Why the Arab leaders (cheaters) are leaders for life?? WHY? On the time they gather now in Tunisia there is a new PM swearing in India after a new public election! Why there are no ELECTIONS in the Arab countries? We are sure one of the main reasons for the production of TERRORISTS there is because of the oppression by the ongoing for life leaders. Bullshit for such a sick situation!
A good deal of my hope for Iraq and the rest of the middle east comes from reading the Iraqi blogs. I read them and can tell that they are people just like the people here and in other western countries. They was freedom, security, and a better life. Anyone who thinks that these people are unable, or unworthy of democracy should spend some time reading their words.


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