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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Banned Iraqi missile engines found in Jordan

Washington Post reports:

U.N. weapons experts have found 20 engines used in banned Iraqi missiles in a Jordan scrapyard along with other equipment which could be used to make weapons of mass destruction, an official said Wednesday. The U.N. team also discovered some processing equipment with U.N. tags - which show it was being monitored - including heat exchangers, and a solid propellant mixer bowl to make missile fuel, he said. It also discovered "a large number of other processing equipment without tags, in very good condition."
Despite the spin from some, Iraq was clearly in violation of resolution 1441.


Blogger Aric said...

Just a reminder, according to the U.N. these were known and tagged missile engines that were part of the Al Samoud missile program that was declared in violation of U.N. resolutions against surface to surface missiles ranging more than 100 km. Al Samoud 2s had a theoretical range of between 150 and 180 km. The story isn't exciting because these are "new" weapons; the U.N. already knew about them. What's shocking is that they were sold for scrap.

6/10/2004 08:04:00 PM  

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