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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Honor Killing

Jamie Glazov writes in FrontPage magazine about 'Souad' a victim who survived and honor killing and how this is tied up in the Arabic Tribal and Islamist culture.

And so the War on Terror can have no better crystallization: one side allows the veneration of human beauty and its freedom, and accepts all the chance and risk that comes with it; the other lusts for the incineration of every ingredient of human desire, yearning for a sterilized and disinfected utopia where humans will be purged of what and who they are. Thus, a sobering reality stares us in the face: Souad’s soul-tearing journey does not exist in a vacuum. It is a chilling and powerful reminder to us of the essence of the War on Terror. Islamic fundamentalists know -- all too well -- that the only way their cultures will survive is for one half of the human race to remain caged and enslaved. But the West stands in stark opposition to that pathological and death-seeking quest. And the West’s values continue to spread with lightning speed. In the age of globalization, mass communication and the Internet, the reality of Western women’s free choice and control over their own identity -- and sexuality – is a force that cannot be stopped.


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