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Thursday, June 03, 2004

President Bush speaks at Air Force Graduation

President Bush gave a speech yesterday at the Air Force Graduation. The entire speech is good and explains our strategy for winning the war on terror and explains why Iraq is a vital part of that struggle. My favorite part:

Fourth and finally, we are denying the terrorists the ideological victories they seek by working for freedom and reform in the broader Middle East. Fighting terror is not just a matter of killing or capturing terrorists. To stop the flow of recruits into terrorist movement, young people in the region must see a real and hopeful alternative -- a society that rewards their talent and turns their energies to constructive purpose. And here the vision of freedom has great advantages. Terrorists incite young men and women to strap bombs on their bodies and dedicate their deaths to the death of others. Free societies inspire young men and women to work, and achieve, and dedicate their lives to the life of their country. And in the long run, I have great faith that the appeal of freedom and life is stronger than the lure of hatred and death.
Faith in freedom seems to be the great divide between those who support the war and those who oppose it, both at home and abroad.


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