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Friday, June 18, 2004

Radical Islam

Read this Article in Pakistan today (via Instapundit) I meant it. Read the whole thing. Now that you've done that, here are a few points I found particularly enlightening:

In an Islamist controlled society, debate is forbidden, difference of opinion and dissension is considered a perversion, and modern education a threat. Individual reasoning is forbidden. And expression of doubt about any aspect of the "religiously mandated" social, cultural and political sociology is barred as blasphemy.
For anyone who is still wondering 'why do they hate us?' this is the best answer I have ever seen. They hate us because our very existence threatens not only their power, but also their basic view of the universe. We are anathema to the radical islamists and must be destroyed. Another section of this article answered another long-standing question of mine. I have noticed that pretty much every great evil the world produces seems to make a special effort to destroy the Jews. The inquisition, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, radical Islamists, all decided to give just that little extra effort, among all their other evils, to destroy the Jews. Other than a punishment from God, I could never give a good reason why this was so. Until I read this paragraph:
Jews, throughout their history, have been the symbol of intellectual freedom and have therefore represented the highest level of openness. Their love for knowledge, their penchant for debate, their urge to learn by questioning, and their refusal to submit to any dogma has always posed a challenge to the establishment that depends on the blind following of the masses. The Jews' thirst for truth has always threatened the status quo.


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