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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

South Korean hostage beheaded


Iraqi insurgents have carried out their threat to behead the South Korean civilian they were holding hostage, the Pentagon said Tuesday. Military officials said U.S. military police found the body west of Baghdad and notified the South Korean military, which in turn notified the South Korean Embassy in Baghdad. A senior coalition official in Iraq said the body appeared to have been thrown from a vehicle. "The man had been beheaded, and the head was recovered with the body," the official said. Pentagon sources said the body had been booby-trapped with explosives.
Charming, isn't it, how the beheading (now passé) wasn't barbaric enough so they booby-trapped the body. Thankfully the South Koreans are not letting these terrorists win:
Vice Foreign Minister Choi Young-jin told reporters in Seoul, "There is no change in the government's spirit and position that it will send troops to Iraq to help establish peace and rebuild Iraq."


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