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Friday, June 11, 2004

Teacher washes student's mouth out with soap

From CNN:

Lori Thomas, 48, who has taught for six years at inner-city School 22, said she was stunned when a 10-year-old boy directed "a vile, very nasty sexual reference" at a third-grade girl in March. Thomas said she didn't want the boy, who had frequently been sent home for unruly behavior, to earn another one-week suspension. She took the boy to the nurse's office, she said, "put a drop of soap of his lower lip, washed it out immediately and told him I never wanted to hear filth like that coming out of his mouth again." "Old-fashioned ways work," she said unapologetically.
This is a remedy my mother employed on occasion. It worked fairly well. That being said, no teacher should punish a student in any way that is not spelled out by the schools disciplinary procedures and subject to parental review.


Blogger Aric said...

I agree about the remedy, but unfortunately, she shouldn't have done it. Teacher's have other alternatives, and even when they don't, there is a limit on what the can and can't do. For good reason.

6/11/2004 08:04:00 AM  

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