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Saturday, September 11, 2004


It has been three years since that terrible morning when America woke to the fact that we were at war. Please take a moment today to remember the past and recommit yourself to the future. I recommend viewing this slideshow. It is tough to view, but the images are things that we should never forget. And make no mistake, this war is not over. Bali, Madrid, Beslan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines and many other places remind us that this war is global and ongoing. The nature of our enemy is one of darkest barbarism and nihilistic desire for destruction. They will not stop, they cannot be appeased or bought off. They must be defeated. And they will be. When facing an enemy of this depravity it can be easy to feel powerless. How can we fight such reckless hate? But our soldiers, firemen, police officers, and perhaps most off all our citizens, like those on flight 93, have already shown us the way. Courage will defeat cowardly attacks, a love of life will out perform a love of death, and liberty will vanquish tyranny. This is our message to the world. This is what we fight for and what we can never give up. on Sept. 11 2001 terrorist murderers unleashed a new tactic in their quest for destruction. 87 minutes later ordinary Americans above Pennsylvania utterly defeated that tactic for all time, albeit at great personnel cost. Let the example of these heroes inspire and guide us as we move forward.


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