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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New Sudan Resolution Proposed

New York Times:

The United States circulated a draft Security Council resolution on Sudan today threatening sanctions on the country's oil industry, expanding an African Union force monitoring violence in the Darfur region and calling for the United Nations to create an international commission to determine whether genocide has occurred.
Well, this is better than nothing I guess. Sanctions on the oil industry might work but I don't like sanctions and I don't think they have a very good track record. Expanding the monitoring forces seems like a good idea and if they want a commission to determine if genocide has occurred, well, I could answer that question for them, but I understand the legal niceties here. Still, progress is progress. Lets see if this actually gets proposed and where the votes fall out. France and China both have a pretty big steak in Sudanese oil, hopefully that fact will not determine the outcome on this.


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