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Monday, September 13, 2004

She will not sink

Citizen Smash posts an article from a former Soviet dissident which has been translated to English. Read the whole thing. I want to focus though on the last two paragraphs.

America gave a chance to the victims of those dictatorships. The price she paid for this chance was huge amounts of money; a huge risk of terrorist acts; and a pretty hefty amount of blood of those, who could stay behind the ocean, but instead went to die for the Iraqis and the Afghanis. The United States remains the World Arbiter, the World Missionary and the World Care-Giver. I always want to take off a hat in front the Statue of Liberty, which, as that lighthouse from Gaidar’s dream, described in his story “Let It Shine,” indeed extends its torch over the ocean, to the old continents, and wants to fix all the problems. America will not be covered by any last wave, like Atlantis was. And no cataclysm has teeth to take it out. Nec mergitur! She will not sink! Anti-Globalists, terrorists, Marxists, the extremists of all world, do you hear it!? You will never live to see that!
I too believe that America will not sink, that it will go forward in glory and liberty will spread from America to eventually encompase the world. I do not say that because it is impossible to sink her, but because we are piloted by Democracy, the wisest political system yet invented by man, and powered by Capitalism, an engine of unsurpassed power and perhaps most critically, what water that does enter the hold of our nation is bailed out by the character and courage of ordinary Americans. For as long as these things hold true, for as long as America is America, she will not sink, and she will inspire and help other nations to build their own vessels of the same enduring materials. I believe strongly that in a few years, we will look at a proud, stable, free, and economically growing Iraq. A free nation that is a direct rebuke to the terrorists and their destructive beliefs. I believe this because of what I have learned of the character of the Iraqi people themselves, from reading their blogs and following the news. Yes, any people can be cowed by brutal violence and kept disunited and disorganized but thugs and murderers. America is providing the dry-dock for the Iraqis to build their own vessel that will not sink. Ultimately it will have to float on it's own, and when it does, I think it will surprise the world and quickly become the flagship of the middle-east. Afghanistan too is building a vessel that will not sink. 10 million Afghani's have stepped forward to vote, they are bailing the water in the midst of a hurricane of violence. For a long while their vessel will be rickety, and will certainly lack luxurious appointments, but it two will not sink.


Blogger Cubicle said...

come one there is no reason to be shy.

America and Americans are better than the rest of the world.

Once the rest of the world realizes that, and realizes that they can become like use, if they work hard enough, i think the world will be a much better place.

9/13/2004 01:36:00 PM  

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