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Monday, September 20, 2004

Some words from Iraq

Zeyad, Healing Iraq:

The most likely scenario in the event of a premature withdrawal of occuppation forces is this: Sadr will move to gain control of the south and most of Baghdad, other Shi'ites will submit by intimidation. The Marji'iya will have no power to intervene unless they are willing to allow a violent civil war between the various Shi'ite factions. Iran is likely to interfere, but perhaps not directly. At the same time, Sunni elements will move to consolidate their power over their areas. The fundamental foreign and Salafi constituent would be too weak to control any area. Each town would be virtually independent until the strongest (and most ruthless) group can control the Sunni areas north of Baghdad. The Kurdish region would break off the rest of Iraq and the Peshmerga would move to control oil fields in Kirkuk. Later, there would be a bloody confrontation between the different groups until one subjugates the others and controls the country, this would probably take years and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would die, many more would try to leave Iraq.
Alaa, The Mesopotamian:
Very hard thinking of the required strategy is required; and with all the powerful, technically advanced people on the side of the majority of the Iraqi people who just long for a peaceful decent outcome of this situation; surely the right solutions can be found. This can’t be harder than reaching the moon or splitting the atom! When I recover a little bit from this latest ordeal perhaps I can contribute a little thinking of my own, too.
Ays, Iraq at a Glance:
I wonder how some people especially in United States dare to say that the war on Afghanistan was wrong and after that the war on Saddam was wrong, yes, the regime might differ, but they are alike in the same crazy results, both support the terror, one of them directly and the second indirectly, that one prepare AlMujahideen and the second support them, and of course not only Saddam, there are other regimes who support and help terrorism, I think you’d better stand with your president against the terror, reelect him, I’m sure you don’t want to see another attack inside of America, you don’t know what’s going on overseas, you don’t know how the enemy is growing.
Sam, Hammorabi:
The only way to prevent civil war in Iraq is to capture or kill those who plan for such a thing. There strategic areas controlled now by the insurgents and some have already become very established bases for them, should now be controlled as quickly as possible by the Iraqi government. If these regions become under the Iraqi government control the insurgent will loss their bases and scattered in a way make it very difficult for them to plan major attacks. Weakened rats trapped then so easily. On the same time the Shia, Kurds, Christians, and others who were oppressed by the previous regime should unite and they should realized well that, the Arabs and their poisonous media like Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyiah and others are aiming to keep them under the same role of absolute Arab Sunni power which oppressed the others.
Nabil, Nabil's Blog:
The Iraqi national gaurds made a big operation in Baghdad in Hifa street, about 1000 soldiers from the Iraqi national gaurds did the operation and they succeed, they arrested a lot of criminals and catch a lot of ammunition, this was the biggest operation that Iraqi troops did after beating Saddam's regime. And I am so proud of them and I wish them luck to catch all the criminals and the thieves.


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