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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Terror in Indonesia


A powerful car bomb has exploded outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, killing at least eight people and wounding more than 130 in an attack Indonesian police blame on al Qaeda-linked militants. The blast came days ahead of presidential polls in the world's most populous Muslim nation and exactly a month before Australia's general election. It blew a large hole in the embassy's fence and left a deep crater in the road outside.
Not a lot to say about this except to express my condolences to the victims and my hatred at the perpetrators. There are a few good quotes in the Article as well.
"The perpetrators are not human. They're animals, they're devils. They must be fought," ... "To destroy a terrorist group you must destroy everything: propaganda, fund-raising, everything," said Rohan Gunaratna, a Singapore-based expert on al Qaeda.
Also, this is very encouraging, and a comfort for those of us who believe that Islam is not necessarily synonymous with terrorism:
Despite the spate of attacks in recent years and an increased presence of vocal militant groups, most Indonesian Muslims are moderate. Several large Muslim groups have condemned Thursday's attack.


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