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Thursday, September 02, 2004

What I would like to see tonight

Since I posted what I would like to see from John Kerry before his convention speech I think it is only fair to do the same thing to George Bush. 1) Iran: Because I have trust in George Bush's foreign policy, it is less important to me to hear about this from him than it would be from Kerry, but this is still very important to me. In my opinion, Iran is the single most dangerous nation to the United States. They are seeking nuclear weapons. They have very strong ties with terrorists. There is good intelligence that they have been harboring Al-Qaida members. 2) Future of Iraq: I want a reafirmation that Bush will do everything within his power to ensure Democracy, not just stability, is the future of Iraq. In the final evaluation, this will be up to the Iraqi people, but strong American Support can make all the difference. 3) Africa: From the Aids crisis, to crushing poverty, to despotic leadership, to Darfur, the dark continent is truly in darkness these days. Both as a moral incentive and as a forward thinking strategy that realizes regions of chaos can threaten America we have to do some hard work to improve the situation of the people there. 4) Deficit: I want to hear about a plan to balance the budget. I doubt I will though. 5) Social Security: Social Security and Medicare (especially Medicare) are in trouble. Alan Greenspan gave a sobering acount of this last week. The longer we wait the more painful the transition will be. I know this is the 'third rail' of American politics but it is an issue that needs to be dealt with. From a political perspective, I am sure Bush will talk about several domestic agendas. For me, this is a one issue election (unless I was convinced that both sides would, and could, handle the one issue equally). The War on Terror, fought with a pro-Active democracy promoting agenda trumps everything else. Gay Rights, Stem cell research, Abortion, even Education and the Economy pale in importance to that one issue for me. Most of those other issues we will be argueing about for the rest of my life (even if medical advancements change my lifespan to 1000 years). How we choose to fight the War on Terror, whether the American public re-affirms the Bush doctrine, will have a huge effect on the direction the world will go.


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