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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lebanon Bombing

Belmont Club has an interesting post about who killed Rafiq Hariri. The conclusion, we can't be sure but:

Hariri's was protected against small-time assasination attemptions by the use of armored vehicles which equipped with electronic sweeping devices. It can be safely assumed that the Lebanese billionaire could afford the best private security that money could buy. Those security forces would employ countersurveillance, deceptive scheduling and decoys. But those formidable defenses were defeated by a truly massive bomb of several hundred pounds possibly detonated by a suicider, hence the "martyrdom" operation referred to in the videotape. They must have been supported by a surveillance and intelligence operation of no mean quality. That combination of expertise, access to large quantities of explosive and ready money makes it almost certain that Hariri's killers were either state-sponsored or belonged to a very powerful terrorist organization.
I believe that Syria was responsible. That government certainly had both motive and opportunity. I must admit that I don't know a lot about Hariri, I don't recall ever hearing of him before his death. He seems to be a very interesting figure however.


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