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Friday, March 11, 2005

More on Free Speech

This TCS article is a must read for anyone interested in free speech and/or John McCain. Final paragraphs:

In the meantime, he should be convicted in the court of public opinion based solely on the 'appearance of corruption' -- after all, that's the standard by which he judges the public's right to speak. Given these shenanigans, will Congress really listen now that he's calling again for further restrictions? Well, he certainly knows where they live: 'Some billionaire decides he or she doesn't like you in office, and they decide to form a 527 and contribute $10 million or $20 million and dive-bomb into your state or district,' McCain said last month. 'That should alarm every federally elected member of Congress.' Elected officials deciding who can and cannot criticize them -- that should alarm every citizen of the United States. Now, if only someone would pay The American Prospect to spread the word.
George Bush's decision to sign the McCain-Finegold legislation is the single greatest disappointment I have in his Presidency so far. If it wasn't for my strong feelings on the critical nature of our foreign policy choices for the next few years that decision alone would have made it difficult for me to support him. However, on the Republican side, John McCain remains the central villian here. I certainly will not support McCain in the Republican primary and should he win the nomination I highly doubt I will be a very strong supporter of him in the General Election. Given a reasonable Democratic choice I would vote Democrat over John McCain happily. Given an unreasonable Democratic choice vs. McCain I will have a very tough decision to make.


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