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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Progress in Kyrgyzstan

Xinhua - English:

The upper house of Kyrgyzstan's previous parliament agreed on Tuesday to cede power to the new parliament elected in February's disputed polls, ending a cut-throat battle for legitimacy between the two legislatures. Lawmakers of the previous upper house agreed to suspend work, one day after a similar move by the outgoing parliament's lower house, in a positive move towards fostering political stability inthe central Asian nation after nearly a week of lawlessness. Interim leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the former opposition leader elected prime minister by the new parliament on Monday, welcomed the move. 'You have taken the right and historic decision. I hope your decision will bring calm,' he said. Bakiyev, one of the opposition leaders in the election-triggered nationwide protests in the past month, on Monday called on voters and political parties to accept the new parliament as a legitimate legislature saying it will be 'in the interest of the whole nation.'
Very interesting. It seems as thought they have earned a chance for a real democracy. It will be interesting to see if they, and the other places struggling for the same goal, will be able to keep it. A democracy is more than just voting, and a lot more than just a single vote.


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