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Monday, March 21, 2005

Schiavo round-up

Here are a few links from my corner of the blogosphere on the Schiavo situation. Random Gemini Weirdness The Probligo Life in a Handbasket Of The Mind Environmental Republican These posts have a variety of opinions on the matter. All I think make very good points and underscore why this is such a difficult situation. In many ways it is a perfect ethical storm. A woman on the edge of being vegetative or now. A husband and parents who pasionately disagree on what she would have wanted. The husband having established a relationship with another woman providing a plausible reason why he doesn't have his wife's interests at heart any longer. Medical doctors who strongly disagree about her prognosis and what should be done. State and Federal Governments intervening in unprecidented ways and with questionable tactics. Update: Volokh Conspiracy has a post up with interesting about what a Federal Case would mean and what the difficulties of such a thing are. I am deeply opposed to any legislation that focuses on a single person. Legislation is for the general case while court proceedings are for determining outcomes on a single case within the guidlines of the general cases established by law.


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