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Friday, April 08, 2005

Corporate Blogging


Since General Motors began the GM FastLane Blog in early January, it's attracted considerable attention from business communicators. That attention has been sparked by who the bloggers are - senior corporate executives, starting with GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.
Fastlane link. The reason I find this interesting is that I recently finished reading Hugh Hewitt's book, Blog. He specifically mentions GM as a company that should have a blog, it seems like they took his advice. The book was an interesting read, although I think in some ways he overstates the importance of blogs. They will make a huge difference in many aspects of life, and I think GM is doing a smart thing here, but Blogging will be an alternative form of communication, not the only communication media and probably not the most important. Still, this part of the webpronews article is signifigant:
What's especially impressive is here is one of the most senior and influential corporate leaders in any industry who clearly sees that his investment of time and energy into regularly and consistently writing in a public blog and engaging in dialog with visitors has huge potential benefits in building relationships with a wide range of very interested (and often vocal and critical) people.


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