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Friday, April 15, 2005

How dare he trick us like that!

Instapundit has a long post up about the current liberal claims that democracy in Iraq is a recently 'made up' reason for the war. Included are numerous links to pre-war speaches and other items where Bush or other's explicitly stated that Democracy in Iraq was the goal and an important strategic reason for the war and that it "could transform the entire region." I have seen this claim from many war opponants lately as well. It is tough to decide if they are knowingly lying or if they paid so little attention to the pre-war debate that they really have no clue what went on then. I like this theory from Glenn's post though:

So back then the claims were bogus -- and now they're new! As reader Matthew Tanner writes: "Y'know, you gotta laugh (or in your case, go 'heh') at these guys. Next: Bush hid his nefarious agenda in plain view! That bastard!" Wasn't it Cavour who said that the way to lie to diplomats is to tell the truth, since they will never believe that? I guess it's not just for diplomats.
For me, Democracy in Iraq was always the strategic reason to engage there. The events of this year so far give great hope that the theory of Democracy transforming the region is correct.


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