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Monday, April 04, 2005

Norm Coleman: Kofi should resign

Minneapolis Star & Tribune:

For six months, I have insisted that Annan be held accountable for the U.N.'s gross mismanagement of the Oil-for-Food Program. Last week, the U.N.'s own investigators issued a report criticizing Annan's own conduct -- including his failure to resolve a serious conflict of interest concerning his son -- and the conduct of his chief of staff. The Volcker report did not 'exonerate' Annan, as many have claimed; to the contrary, it pointed the finger directly at him. Indeed, one member of Volcker's committee, Mark Pieth, made that point loud and clear: 'We did not exonerate Kofi Annan.' With that in mind, I reiterate my call for Annan's resignation.
I am undecided as to whether Kofi should resign or not. One the one hand, there is certainly the appearance of impropriety. On the other, we don't have any hard proof as of yet that he did anything. It would probably help the U.N., and let them work on other areas in need of reform, if he were to leave. The precident though, that appearance equals guilt is troubling. I am no fan of the U.N. as it is, but I have great hopes for what it could be.


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