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Friday, April 22, 2005

Plant Appreciation Week

As no doubt most of you are aware, next week is Plant Appreciation Week sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of Plants (SAP.)

SAP home page
This hallowed event, drenched in tradition and glory is worthy of all of our support. The official history of SAP and Plant Appreciation week goes back hundred of years but frankly most of that is pure fiction. The first documented appearance of SAP was toward the end of last century at a high school in Spokane, Washington. Official SAP historians have now fully documented that the entire organization was originally an invention by a few high school students who were perhaps too bright for their own good. It is believed that Plant Appreciation Week was created as part of the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day and SAP was a response to the gaping hole left in environmental activism by groups such as PETA who lobby for the rights of animals but, sadly, ignore the plight of plants that are much more severely abused and preyed upon. This is the first known sign publicizing the first Plant Appreciation week. Certainly later efforts would highlight specific issues to a greater degree and provide a more visually pleasing appearance, but for true historians, this first effort is a classic. Other signs quickly followed. So now we are at the 16th anniversary of the first Plant Appreciation Week, held annually in the last week of May. I urge everyone to take time next week to thank the plants in your life and renew your commitment to a fully carnivorous lifestyle. SAP thanks you for the support.

Thanks to my friend Mike for keeping, scanning, and hosting these images (as well as helping to make them oh so long ago.) Mike is also the man responsible for the really cool picture of me in my profile. You can see other images he has created (you need to do more of that again Mike!) here


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