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Friday, April 22, 2005

Political prisoner: Esmaeil Mohammadi

Iran Focus-News:

Iran’s Supreme Court upheld an execution sentence for a 38-year-old political prisoner from the western Iranian town of Boukan. Esmaeil Mohammadi was informed of the decision through a letter from the authorities, which indicated that his execution would be carried out within the next few days. Mohammadi, a father of five, has been imprisoned for the past two years in the city of Urumiya (northwest Iran), accused of being a supporter of the Kurdish Komala organisation. Mohammadi was reported tortured while in prison. Last year, he was handed down an execution sentence by an Islamic court in Urumiya. The Iranian regime has stepped up the execution of political prisoners, many of which are carried out in secret, primarily to create an atmosphere of fear among Iran’s rebellious young generation.
I wonder who is actually more afraid, the rebellious young generation, or the old thugs desparate to cling to power. They have to know that their time is coming to an end, the only question is how many innocents will have to die before they are removed from power.


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