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Friday, April 22, 2005

Pulse of Freedom

Pulse of Freedom is the blog of some pro-democracy Lebanese. Great stuff:

What does democracy mean to us? Democracy: the right to vote, respect for the Constitution and laws put to protect the welfare of all citizens, tolerance for one another, and active citizenship. Notice the word active because citizens living in a democratic country do not stand idly waiting as onlookers. Perhaps some ‘regimes’ in the past thought that we would simply sit by and watch as our country sunk under alien pressure and interference. The past two months have not only proved them wrong, but have served as a witness to the power people, Lebanese citizens, can assert to achieve their demands. It is the people themselves who spoke out, whose voices soared high with the Lebanese flags, and who will not be silenced until every one of their democratic rights is respected.
(via Smash, who has more on this. Also another hot Lebanese lady is pictured!)


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