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Monday, April 18, 2005


Tsykoduk has an interesting post, and a link to an interesting article, on the importance, or rather the lack of importance, of a high self esteem in aiding academic progress or helping children to behave better. Self-Esteem is a wonderful thing. It can't be given though, it must be earned. We esteem ourselves highly when we accomplish things that are important to ourselves and others. Self-Esteem without accomplishment is more properly called egotism. That isn't something we should be teaching our kids. I think that helping to foster self esteem is very important. The best way I know of to develop self esteem is by helping someone else out. When we help someone else, they will almost always esteem us very highly for that, it is an esteem that is earned. There are a few other things we can do to help kids (or anyone) develop greater self-esteem instead of egotism. Accomplishment is important, but it the truly worthy accomplishment is beating ourselves, not someone else. Winning the race is a fine thing, and certainly worthy of praise, but getting a personal best is far more signifigant in my opinion. Obviosly there are numerous ways we can adversely effect a person's self esteem, books have been written on the subject, and for the most part I agree that they should be avoided.


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