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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dick Morris on Senate Judicial Deal

Morris evaluates the power ramifications of the Senate deal, and how this may represent a fundamental shift in how things stack up in other negotiations in The Hill:

But whatever their motives, let’s celebrate the fact that there now exists, in effect, a third-party caucus in the Senate of moderates from both parties. They may offer a chance for us to be rid of the reflexive and revolting partisanship that has led to government shutdowns and presidential impeachments, each equally abhorrent to most voters. We can only hope that this new middle of the Senate will take the agenda away from the extremes in each party and bring government back to the middle, where it belongs.
It will be interesting to see if this plays out or not. The Parties do have considerable power to punish dissenters, too much power in my opinion. Certainly I probably align politically with the 'moderates' more often then not. One thing that makes this coalition unlikely to last, in my opinion is that while the moderates on the Republican side have a history of being moderate the Democratic moderates, as Morris analyzes, pretty much came out of no where. Will they be moderate on other issues, or did they just feel the need to save the nomination filibuster?


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