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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Durbin apoligizes

K. J. Lopez of The Corner provides a rough transcript. I think his apology is pretty classy. I didn't post on the whole Durbin fiasco because I felt his remarks kept us away, rather than helped to foster, a very important national debate. We do, I believe anyway, need to develop clear guidlines and boundaries for how we deal with 'enemy combatants.' Of necessity, we will have to make compomises between a perfect world and the world we live in, and our existing compromises dealing with traditional criminals and POWs only provide minimal guidlines for this issue. As it is though, our rules are not clear enough. The American people do not understand them. I fear that the interogators serving our country do not have clear guidlines either, and that is very unfair to them. I don't have the answers for what rules we should have in place. I do think we need to ask the questions and our legislators (not the executive branch) should craft a clear policy on detainment, interogation techniques, and legal recourse. This may make us less safe. We have many hallowed judicial traditions that make us less safe. This is something though that we should all carefully and thoughtfully consider. Overheated rhetorical comparisons will only damage, not aid this discussion. Hopefully Durbin's apology can move toward dealing with this issue in the correct manner.


Blogger scott said...

Sorry buddy, I disagree. Durbin's remarks bothered me as a veteran. He didn't apologize, he gave a non-apology which is not the same.

The debate should occur, but the rhetoric espoused by Durbin just rubbed me the wrong way.

6/21/2005 06:06:00 PM  
Blogger Dave Justus said...

I think his apology was pretty good. At least as good as we get from any politician.

I was disapointed in his original remarks as well, but we should all try to get past that now.

6/22/2005 06:42:00 AM  

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