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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Herbie: Not Quite Fully Loaded?

Random Gemini and Reason's Edge have recently posted on the quality of this summer's movies, or the lack there off, inspired by this Roger L. Simon post. In light of this conversation, this item caught my eye:

Images of the star in the film have already caused controversy after parents argued that Lindsay Lohan's character was too busty and revealingly dressed for a children's film. It was claimed that Disney technicians have gone back and digitally raised necklines on her shirts and reduced the appearance of her breasts by two cup sizes. However, Angela Robinson, the director of the film, denies any behind-the-scenes alterations to prevent Lohan being too sexy for the film. 'No, we didn't digitally reduce her boobs,' she said.
I expect her boobs in the film are intact. I don't claim to be a marketing genius, but if you are seeking, as Simon puts it, "the coveted 17-year old boy audience," reducing boobs would not be my first choice in how to accomplish that. On the other hand, this should do the trick.


Blogger Gib said...

Come later this summer, I'm going to see a movie starring the guy from Jackass, Jessica "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson, and Stifler.

And, oddly enough, I'm OK with that. (I'm not OK with some thrash-metal band redoing the theme song, however. Those people should be clubbed to death.)

6/23/2005 08:13:00 AM  

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