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Monday, June 27, 2005

Waiter Rant

This Waiter Rant post perfectly captures the glory, terror, and deep humanity of genuine Faith. It cannot be excerpted or summarized, go read it. I know that several of my readers, in some cases people who I deeply admire, feel very differently than I do about religious faith, finding it a silly superstition that is, on balance a blight on the world. Certainly, at times, it (or it's counterfeits) has been all of that. It is a lot more as well. As I have mentioned before, I am in awe of those who have the strength of character to embrace faith and submit willingly to a higher power. Some view this as a weakness in them, but it is not. (via The Anchoress)


Anonymous tsykoduk said...

Good article!

6/27/2005 03:12:00 PM  

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