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Friday, July 08, 2005

Blair lauds G8 doubling of aid to Africa


British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced 'very substantial progress' in addressing African poverty at the G8 summit on Friday, but acknowledged only limited advancement on the other top issue on the agenda, global climate change. Blair praised the leaders of the major industrial nations for their commitment to double African aid to $50 billion by 2010. But he acknowledged that 'some of us would like to have gone further' and set a date to end export subsidies, a key factor in the debt overwhelming many African economies. Blair said that in politics 'you don't achieve everything you want to achieve,' but that the aid increase was 'a huge advance on anything that's been there before.' He also announced a pledge of $3 billion to the Palestinian Authority. 'Despite obviously being overshadowed by the terrorism that occurred yesterday in London, I think and hope we did demonstrate that there is a better and more hopeful way of doing politics in the future,' he said of the summit.
Obviously, I am no fan of aid, as I am convinced it does more harm than good. Leaving that aside for a moment, it is truly remarkable that the day after a serious terrorist attack on his nation, Blair is working to give money away, including money to the Palestinian Authority. This may or may not be wise, but there is a certain nobility to it. We all know that it is likely terrorists will attack London again sometime. Doubtless, once again they will justify this in part because of Palestine and claim that Great Britian is a 'Zionist Crusader' (how can you be both anyway?). They will do this no matter how much help or support is given to Palestine. Blair knows this. Most Brits probably know this. And the money is going to Palestine anyway, because they think it is the right thing to do (I am less sure, but the impulse is certainly noble). When it is all said and done, what can the Jihadists offer that is the equal of this spirit?


Blogger Katinula said...

Great post. I see your point about the giving of aid. It obviously leads to so much worse things happening, but to sit back and do nothing is so hard. Great last line. When we can figure it out, we'll have won. Or better yet, when their supporters figure it out, then we will truly have won.

7/08/2005 02:09:00 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Dave, with all due respect, I totally disagree. Until the West learns(and Europe will learn the hard way) that millitant Islam cannot be appeased things will only get worse. It was not at all the way you put it. Money is being poured into the P.A.(money that will not help the Arab residents of "Palestine" but will be hoarded by P.A. leaders, most notably Abu Alla himself) not because Western leaders are so generous and want to set an example but because they're running scared.

This won't help or ease tensions however. When France is bombed along with Italy and Germany, maybe folks will get their brains cleared(both physically and intellectualy) but until then, hell...forget Israel, help the P.A. blow up more Jewish civilians, let the terrorists dance on the rooftops, but screw the Jews...nobody needs them anyway.

That's the way the world has always been and as you can see, I'm more than a bit bitter about the whole ordeal.

7/12/2005 05:48:00 AM  
Blogger Dave Justus said...

Regrev: I do not think this is appeasment. It was a gift, and freely given.

I certainly have my doubts as to the wisdom of that gift, but I am quite sure that it isn't given as a result of fear.

7/12/2005 06:43:00 AM  

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