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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Devil's Foyer

Michael Yon reports on some raids and the finding of a huge weapons cache in Mosul. Fascinating reporting, far more interesting that most of what we see out of Iraq. Lots of details and pictures. Mostly it is straight reporting, but there is a little bit of editorializing in it that I found comforting:

Nobody was sore that the police left us to unearth tons of dangerous munitions. To put it in perspective, just some months ago there really weren’t any Iraqi police because the insurgents were beheading them. Knowing they are still the primary targets for terrorists, seeing the police now squeezing suspected insurgents and raiding their nests, everyone was happy to see the Iraqi police scoring victories day after day, though this was by far the biggest I had seen. ... These cops had nailed the beheaders, rescued the woman, found this cache and left us to clean it up. No informed person can honestly say there is no progress in Mosul.
Read the whole thing (via Instapundit)


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