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Monday, July 25, 2005


I haven't commented on the Egyptian bombings previously. Obviously I am horrified by them. My condolences to those who lost their lives in this evil attack. This attack though serves as a reminder that the primary battle against terrorism, both for us and for the terroristis is in the Arab world, not the West. We are a sideshow, an eventual target, but at the moment attecks in the west are a flamboyant propaganda tool rather than a pure military or strategic goal. The attack in Egypt, like those in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and of course Iraq, is different. This attack was a strategic attack against Egypt's most important source of revenue: tourism as a method of weakening the Egyptian government and eventaully driving it from power. This tactic has been tried before, unsuccessfully, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous.


Blogger Greg said...

I'd like to post something on this subject in the future. Respectfully, I see it from an entirely different perspective. I'll demonstrate my pts on my blog hopefully in the near future.

The one thing that strikes me most is your illustration of the Egyptian flag. This is a country that has a history of preaching hate and terroristm. The Egyptian press is notorious for its extreme anti-Semitism. In advance, I'm asking you not to take things I will have to say on my blog cocerning this subject as anything personal.

Thank you, Greg.

7/29/2005 12:44:00 AM  

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