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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Suicide bomb breaks five-month truce in Israel

FT.com :

A bomb killed at least three people and wounded 30 at a shopping centre in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya yesterday, the first suicide attack since militant groups agreed in February to abide by a period of calm. Islamic Jihad, which was a party to the truce, claimed responsibility for the blast in a call to Reuters news agency. The attack came just over a month before the start of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and amid efforts by the Palestinian Authority to ensure that calm prevails during the withdrawal. Eyewitnesses said the bomber had tried to enter the shopping centre but detonated the bomb at the entrance. Islamic Jihad, which Israeli officials allege is being sponsored by Iran to carry out attacks, was responsible for an upsurge in violence in the Gaza Strip last month. However, Tuesday's bombing was the first suicide attack in Israel since a nightclub bombing in Tel Aviv on February.
It is worth remembering that Israel has been battling terror longer and harder than other Western nations. I think there are some signifigant differences between Palestinian and Al-Qaida terrorism, however there are many similarities and connections as well. Lets be clear on one thing. This bombing was not about 'justice' or the cause of the Palestinian people, it was about controlling and dominating the Palestinians. It is a naked attempt to wrest power, on the bones of Israelis and there is nothing romantic or glorius about it.


Blogger Greg said...

Greg here again...
Nice to see the Israeli flag:)If Islamic Jihad is being sponsored by Iran as Israeli authorities have claimed forever, don't you think some kind of measures should be taken by the world community to punish Iran. I'm quite sure this issue will not even be raised by Kofe & Co...makes one think...what's the U.N. for anyway!? I say do away with this pathetic institution. And what about the genocide in Sudan? Has the U.N. raised this issue?

On a different subject, the blast in Israel is no different from the one in London. There are a lot more Brits than Jews so the death rate's almost proportional as far as I can tell. So why isn't anybody screaming for justice now!? I'll tell you why. It has nothing to do with the one blast being perpetrated by Al-Qaida and the other by our peace-loving cousins. The world, at least Europe has yet to recover from the sickness known as anti-Semitism-especially now that its being taken over by Muslim youths. Why should anybody care if a few lousy Jews die. After all the Palis are fighting for their freedom...aren't they!?

7/12/2005 02:41:00 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Dave...I was wondering...would it be cool with you if I posted your article on my site. As a matter of course I'd cite your site as the origin of the article. I just want other Jews to know how a Gentile(no offense intended) can make so much more sense than some of our very own. Pleas email me and let me know.

Thanks in advance, Greg.

7/12/2005 02:55:00 PM  

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