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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chavez: U.S. will 'bite the dust' if it invades


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told thousands of visiting students that if U.S. forces were to invade the South American country, they would be soundly defeated. The U.S. government has strongly denied Chavez's claims that it is considering military action against Cuba's closest ally in the Americas. But Chavez said late Monday that the U.S. government, which 'won't stop caressing the idea of invading Cuba or invading Venezuela,' should be warned of the consequences. 'If someday they get the crazy idea of coming to invade us, we'll make them bite the dust defending the freedom of our land,' Chavez said to applause.
Doubtless, it would be the 'mother of all battles.' I think it pretty safe to assume that Chavez is entirely convinced that we have no plans to invade, and thus feels very safe to talk tough. The fact is, we could easily and quickly defeat Venezuala's military and depose Chavez if we wanted to. As we have seen in Iraq, controlling and occupying a nation is difficult, but taking out conventional military and leadership is easy with our technology and military.


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