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Monday, August 29, 2005


It's Monday, so The Skeptical Optimist has new posts up. this one on debt and growth has a bit in that matches my philosophy quite closely:

Growth defeats poverty; growth improves both the human condition and the environment; growth eases or eliminates the interest burden of debt; growth results not from greed, but from benevolence; growth emerges best in free societies with free markets. The optimistic viewpoint is not only more fun, it has been a much better predictor of the future than the pessimistic viewpoint. That’s why I’m an optimist, that’s why I gave up on the doomsayers, and that’s why I talk about economic growth a lot in this weblog.
Optomism in many areas, not just economics, seems to me to be a far more realistic outlook on life than pessimism is. Read the rest of his post too, as always.


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