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Monday, August 15, 2005

"We have broken the barrier of fear"

This Washington Post Op-Ed is a must read. (h/t Fine? Why Fine?) Every totalitarian regime exists at the mercy of it's people. These leaders know that, and they work hard to ensure that the 'barrier of fear' appears at least to be a solid unbreachable wall. It is always more fragile than it appears, which is why sudden changes can, seemingly without warning, sweep a regime from power. We can help people break this barrier of fear. First and foremost of course is the U.S. diplomatic and military power which is being focused on promoting democracy world wide. Something that I am immensely proud to see. Second though, individualy we can be involved by donating to various democracy promotion groups and also by spreading the word of democracy movements all over the world. One of my blog links is The Volodymer Campaign which is dedicated to free speech and democracy in the former Soviet Union. I also recieved an email this weekend from a group called Student's for Global Democracy which has some great information on struggles all over the world. Both are certainly worthy of a little attention. In addition, I stongly urge you to support Spirit of America if you can. Knowing that they are not forgotten, can be a tremendous moral support to the brave heroes who confront tyrannical regimes, and knowing they are being watch can be a force of restraint against those regimes. We who sit and pontificate about the world from behind our computer screens, safely protected by rights that others can only dream of, owe those brave heroes at least the dignity of not being forgotten.


Blogger Laura Brown said...

We're going to be taking part in Students for Global Democracy's walk for Belarus in October. Hopefully bloggers will be able to spread the word about this so it will be a truly global event.

8/15/2005 02:13:00 PM  

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