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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome to Cyberpunk II

Wired News:

Human bones can shatter in accidents, or they can disintegrate when ravaged by disease and time. But scientists may have a new weapon in the battle against forces that damage the human skeleton. Carbon nanotubes, incredibly strong molecules just billionths of a meter wide, can function as scaffolds for bone regrowth, according to researchers led by Robert Haddon at the University of California at Riverside. They have found a way to create a stronger and safer frame than the artificial bone scaffolds currently in use. Human bones are both organic and inorganic. The organic part is made of collagen, the most abundant protein in mammals. The inorganic component is hydroxyapatite, a type of calcium crystal. The collagen forms a sort of natural scaffold over which the calcium crystals organize into bone. The idea in Haddon's research is to use the nanotubes as substitutes for the collagen to promote new bone growth when bones have been broken or worn down. Haddon and his team chemically treated carbon nanotubes to attract hydroxyapatite in work they published in the June 14 issue of Chemistry of Materials. 'This is nice work,' said James Mitchell Tour, a chemistry professor at Rice University. 'Anything you can do to take care of people's bones by augmenting the mineralization process is a big deal. It's really nice to see nanotubes being used to function like that.'
I believe in Cyberpunk they called this a bone graft. Always a good idea to get before you enhance your muscles so you don't shatter your own bones. (via Instapundit)


Blogger Cubicle said...

That was what I was thinking also (about enhancing mulces).

Also, that would help on planets with heavier than earth gravity.

Or just keeping your bones strong as you travel in zero g

8/16/2005 11:37:00 AM  

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