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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad Google?

This article really pisses off my libertarian viewpoints, and no, it isn't Google that I am pissed at. The basic controversy, is that Google made a deal with the NASA Ames Research Center and local officials are finding every reason they can think of to be pissy about it.

Greg Perry, a member of the Mountain View City Council, echoed that sentiment. "If public land is being used for private purposes, the tenants should be paying local property taxes," he said. "We have $30 million in unfunded retirement liabilities. We need the money." NASA Ames is a self-contained federal entity, however, and not subject to local jurisdiction, including property taxes. When asked how he would compel Google to pay more to the county, Stone replied: "I don't have a clue yet. But I will."
Of course later we find that,
The company will also have to build infrastructure such as sewers and roads, and pay for improvements to existing utilities, Marlaire said.
They have to do that because, they are not building on county land. Of course there are other reasons to complain. There will be gridlock on the highways, rents will go up! Dogs and Cats living together! Mass Hysteria! Of course the Google headquarters will bring all sorts of money into the community, and likely other businesses as well, but this is convieniently ignored by those people who, upon seeing someone else's pie feel cheated if they don't get a slice.


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