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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bennett under fire for remarks on blacks, crime


Bennett, who held prominent posts in the administrations of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, told a caller to his syndicated radio talk show Wednesday: 'If you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose -- you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down. 'That would be an impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down,' he said.
Statistically, he is probably correct. I say we go a step further though. Lets abort every baby, that would really reduce crime. And if we wanted to get rid of crime altogether we could kill off all of humanity. It is undeniable that that would work. Bennett was obviously making an equally absurdist claim. The question that remains is why choose blacks? Yes, statistically they have the highest crime rate, but probably equally valid is he specifically choose shocking terminology to underscore how silly this idea was, and what he was really arguing against is the notion, promoted by some pro-abortionists that abortion is partially responsible for the reduction in the crime rate we have seen over recent decades. Is this tactic allowable? I would think so. It seems to be of the same nature as Swift's 'A modest propossal.' If it is wrong to suggest that aborting all the black babies would reduce crime, based on statistics then why is it not wrong to suggest that past abortions have reduced crime? That was his point, and it is a pretty good one I think. Abortion may or may not be justified. There are various ways of looking at the issue that lead to different moral results. I don't think it can be justified in any way as a means to reduce crime though.


Blogger RFTR said...

You've been had by the MSM. A caller asked about the theory in freakonimics that abortion could be justified based on the idea that it had reduced crime.

Bennett then responded that if that were the case, then let's abort all black babies to reduce crime. Which he then pointed out would be morally indefensible, etc.

He wasn't advocating abortion of blacks. In fact, his position is much closer to your own.

10/02/2005 06:21:00 PM  
Blogger Dave Justus said...

Yes, that was my point.

10/03/2005 05:23:00 AM  

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