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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Same-Sex Marriage Approved In California


A week after the State Senate voted in favor of a same-sex marriage bill, the State Assembly approved the measure on Tuesday, making California the first state in the nation to pass a bill allowing gay marriage. Though gay-rights supporters were loudly celebrating the victory in the gallery of the Assembly house in Sacramento, the party could be a brief one. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — who has said he accepts the idea of gay marriage — could veto the bill, according to The Associated Press, because of his belief that it is an issue that voters or the state courts should decide.
I happen to be in support of gay marriage, and that legislation, not the court system, is the proper way to achieve it. Basically, my philosophy is that marriage to who you want falls short of being a natural right and should not be guaranteed by our court system, but a society that chooses to embrace the equality that gay marriage represents is a much better society than one that does not. I hope Schwarzenegger will not veto this. I think that would be a horrible mistake. There is some justification for it though, since California recently had a referendum on this very subject and banning gay marriage wooverwhelminglyly. I am not fond of referendums as a means of deciding policy, but it does seem foolish for legislators to ignore the will of the people in this manner.


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