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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Battle For Mosul IV

Michael Yon has another report up. This one is primarily about the Iraqi police and army. Some incredible stories, some incredible courage. Here is a taste:

The enemy began slaughtering the ISF, and American officers estimate that about 600-700 ISF have been killed in Mosul since November 2004. These numbers are difficult to verify; when I asked ISF officers (police and army), they agreed that this might be an accurate estimate for Mosul, but nobody seems to know and the Iraqis don’t share the American penchant for detailed statistics. ... Amazingly, these Iraqis continue to load up in those little trucks and go to work, knowing the odds are that they will, sooner or later, get shot or blown up. In a previous dispatch I stated that the only true martyrs I've seen in Iraq are these men, ordinary in most respects, who step forward and put everything on the line, for the idea of Iraq. But they also have a powerful example to follow now: one that gives them the courage to face these odds. In West Mosul every one of their leaders has been wounded in combat, some more than once, but they get right back into the fight—taking up positions in front.
Read the whole thing. Yon is the best reporter on the planet as far as I can tell, and if you don't read his perspective on Iraq, you are missing alot of the picture.


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