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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush's speech

CNN.com transcript I was going to find a few parts to except, but I would have ended up just quoting the whole thing. This speech is why I supported Bush in the last elections and illustrates why I am convinced that he has the right vision to defeat Islamist Terrorism. Read the whole thing. I just wish that he would say this sort of thing more often. America needs this to be reminded of this from time to time.


Blogger Ghost Dansing said...

"The terrorists regard Iraq as the central front in their war against humanity, and we must recognize Iraq as the central front in our war on terror."

That's absolutely correct. And Dubya, through strategic error and incompetence created the conditions from which this situation has evolved.

It is little comfort that he can articulate the problem. He has demonstrated in these last few years that neither he, nor his political party is worthy to lead America into battle.

"Seldom in Doubt, Frequently Wrong" is the phrase that characterizes best their bellicose buffoonary. They are weak and ineffective, and should be ejected from office at every opportunity.

10/07/2005 05:02:00 PM  

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