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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fanatical Money?

Orson Scott Card post this:

Big-tent politics is dead in America, my friends. Because our campaign finance laws had stripped power away from Big Money, we have converted our political system to one dominated by Fanatical Money. Big Money only cared about getting their team elected in order to gain financial advantages, and the best way to do that was to move to the middle, trying to appeal to the vast majority who want the world to go along smoothly without too many big changes in domestic policies.
There is a certain truth to that. While I like the individual empowerment that goes along with internet fund raising and the ability to economically raise small donations from lots of people, it is obvious that this activity will tend to be dominated by relatively fanatical people. I am not quite as pessimistic as Card about this, but I can see how it will cause difficulties and lead to increasing polarization. Card also has some thoughts about foreign policy and the intellectual bankruptcy of realism. (via Fine? Why Fine?)


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