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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Immigration Reform

I caught President Bush's speech yesterday. All in All I liked what he said, but felt it somewhat short on details. I have to admit though that 'immigration reform' or whatever you want to call it isn't a big issue of mine. I pretty much assume that while it might be a great scare tactic, border control doesn't have much to do with defending against terrorism (especially the border control that is focused on preventing Mexicans from getting into the U.S.) I am also in favor of immigration. Yes, we should enforce our laws etc. etc. but the thought of millions of Mexicans (or whoever) coming to America doesn't scare me as it does some of the Republican Party. I want more immigration. I want the best and brightest and most ambitious people in the world to come to America. I don't like our current system of massive illegal immigration while we politely look the other way, but my issues with it are not the fact that too many Mexicans are coming here, but that the system creates a black market labor force of people who are easily, and systematically exploited. This bit of Bush's speech I both like and dislike:

Every new citizen of the United States has an obligation to learn our customs and values, including liberty and civic responsibility, equality under God and tolerance for others, and the English language.
The first part I agree with. I am not so sure about American citizenship being tied to the English language however. I love English as much as anyone however, I am doubtful English is all that important in being a good and productive citizen of the United States. Further, I expect that technical innovation will make this less and less relevant.


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