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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ramadan Rioting in Europe

The Brussels Journal has a good round-up of events in Europe that extend far beyond France. This is hugely troubling. While I expect that these immediate riots will blow over and the status quo will be returned for a time, the underlying problems in Europe are unlikely to go away. Eventually, the system will break down. At that point, there will be a couple of options. One of course is capitulation and Islamization of Europe. Obviously this could have a number of negative consequences. The other, is perhaps even worse, a return of Europe to Facism as a response to combating out of control violence and declining nationalism. Facism is a useful means of instilling patriotism, and could probably forge a new 'European Identity.' Of course, the other effects of a Facist Europe would not be so great, as we have seen before. One has to wonder whether or not there is a third option. Can Europe, given where it is now, actually integrate Muslims into it's democracy. I wish I was more optomistic about that, but I am very unsure. I certainly am glad it isn't my job to find a way. (via Instapundit)


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